Bucket List Portraits

About Helen

Welcome to Drawn By Helen!

Helen is a celebrated caricature artist that draws out the best in you.

She draws portraits, in minutes, that pick up on your personality and character, exaggerating your expressions not your features.

Helen has been entertaining people from all over the globe for decades, working at The Ritz in London to the coastlines of Australia & onboard world cruises. She likes to get to know you so that she can capture the essence of your nature and bring out the best in you.

Her aim is to present you with a caricature portrait that you love and wish to display on all of your platforms.

Get in touch to find out that Helen not only creates memorable, fun & wicked portraits  at your event she also brings a lot of laughter & a striking top hat

Bucket List Portraits

Wicked and fun caricatures!

Include things like your place of work, your vinyl collection and even your favourite pet.

I’ve drawn everyone from DJs to celebrities highlighting all the things they’ve achieved in their life.

If you are sending my portraits as a gift you can send me the best representative photos of the person I’m drawing with a list of everything they’ve ticked off their bucket list and the things that makes them unique. I will then produce a full colour portrait incorporating all of these aspects.

A truly unique gift.

Presents to Remember

Portraits worthy of a frame!

Proud of your home or maybe you’re moving on?

If you want a family keepsake to remember a point in your life you can come to my studio for a sitting where I will draft all of your faces live and chat to you about your lives and the things you want included in your portrait.

A Gift of Laughter

A personal touch to a unique present

Your daughters treasured castle, your dads favourite hobbies and past times.

Get in touch to discuss you timeframe so that you can present your loved with a gift that clearly demonstrates the thought that you have invested in this gift.

Get in Touch

find out what I can bring to your event

Get in Touch

find out what I can bring to your event

Drawn By Helen